Analysis Of Captain America: Civil War Teaser Trailer – Friends Framed & Betrayed

Captain America Civil War Teaser Trailer Analysis

Looks like Marvel didn’t want to be outdone by the Star Wars night on Jimmy Kimmel, because Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr appeared with a special surprise – the long awaited Captain America: Civil War teaser trailer. So check out the trailer below and then let’s analyze!

The Plot To Frame Bucky – Baron Zemo’s Plot & Black Panther’s Rise:

As the trailer begins, we find ourselves in familiar territory as we get the context for the Ant-Man post trailer scene. Judging by the dialogue, it seems as though there’s been an attack of some sort – possibly on the UN or something – which has caused a manhunt for the Winter Soldier. The problem is that Bucky didn’t do it and someone close to the situation seems to be manipulating actions.

For a while now, we’ve heard that Daniel Brühl has been cast as Baron Zemo, who is a famous Captain America villain. The difference though is that Zemo is being rumored to have less a direct antagonist role and more a ‘behind the scenes’ villain. So as a Hydra member he could orchestrate certain world events to hinder the Avengers and pit the world against them – as well as themselves. As the poster says, “Divided We Fall” and that could be exactly what Zemo is counting on!

As for why I say the ‘framed’ attack could have been on the UN is because we see Black Panther join the fight. Now to be fair, he could be chasing Winter Soldier for his own reasons; but since this film will introduce Wakanda as a political player it makes sense for there to be some pressing world meetings, which could be the target. Now back to the original scene.

Remembering the dialogue from Ant-Man, we hear Captain America and Falcon wondering about who to ask for help. This means this event takes place before the fallout between the teammates. Ergo, this scene probably is something Captain America did on his own and is chastised for. There’ll be some hard talk after this; but this will all culminate in another moment where Cap goes off on his own; but this time with a team of his own.

A Emotional Exchange – Captain America & Winter Soldier vs Ironman:

“Sorry Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice; but he’s my friend” – Captain America
“So was I” – Ironman

The greatest aspect of this trailer though the framing to set up “Civil War”. 2016 might seem like the year of heroes fighting each other – remember Batman V Superman? – but unlike that film, Civil War truly is a ‘civil war’. Captain America and Tony aren’t fighting out of hatred for each other. They are fighting over differing views; but this does expand into hurt feelings.

Aside from being a powerful exchange, this means even more when taken along with the shots of War Machine heavily damaged and Tony looking pretty beat up as well. Now pair this with the knowledge that Winter Soldier might have been responsible for killing Tony’s parents. How would you feel if someone you once called a friend sided with the man who killed you parents instead of you?

Additional Things To Notice – Scarlet Witch, Thaddeus Ross & More:

  • Early on in the trailer, we see what appears to be Crossbones (still disguised) with a SWAT team. At first we just assumed this was part of the ‘Bucky Hunt’; but considering this scene also shows some other downed military combatants, this most likely is a splice from the early portion of the film where we meet Crossbones. If it weren’t for commenter Ara Rezaee and the tell-tale X on his armor, this would have completely eluded our sight.

Captain America Civil War Trailer Crossbones.png

  • As we guessed earlier this year when concept art of the teams came out, Scarlet Witch is INDEED on Team Cap regardless of what the concept art said.
  • Speaking of Scarlet Witch, she now seems to have much greater control over her powers as she can be seen flying.
  • General Thaddeus Ross (from The Incredible Hulk) returns to the MCU in this film and seems to be leader in the Sokovia Accords talks.
  • Noticeably missing from the teaser trailer was Vision, Ant-Man and Spiderman, who will all be in the film. Though this is just the first trailer, so it’s fine.
  • Black Panther seems to have quite a few action sequences in this film judging by the variety of locations. Either that or this is one VERY long action sequence when he’s hunting Bucky and then it’s up to Cap to give chase.
  • It could totally be coincidence, but judging from the final shot of Cap and Bucky vs Ironman, it looks like they travel back to one of the original locations in Captain America: The First Avenger – where Bucky was first lost.

Did I miss something in the trailer? What did you think of it? Is it May 6th yet? Stay tuned for more details and trailers when they become available.

Captain America Civil War Teaser Trailer Team Cap Scarlet Witch 2

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