A Closer Look: The Walking Dead – “Start To Finish”


After quite possibly the most intense Fall seasons ever, The Walking Dead has finally reached it’s Midseason Finale … and yet … it’s hard to see this as an end. Whereas past MidSeason finales left us off on a massive suspenseful note, this one seemed to have left us off right in the middle of something. No massive loss followed by something profound and threatening; but rather a daring escape leaving off on a little boy crying for his mommy. It was more like someone changing the channel mid scene than a cliffhanger finale.

Though beyond all that, it was still a wonderful episode that took everything from last Season’s Finale and tied it together nicely. Additionally, if you stayed for the two minute preview of the Midseason premier, then you actually did get your big set up moment. So let’s take a Closer Look at The Walking Dead’s Midseason Finale “Start To Finish”.

“Start To (Not Quite The) Finish” – Damn You Midseason Finales:

As I already started to mention, the episode title seems like kind of a teaser considering there wasn’t really a “finish” to this episode. Though upon a closer analysis, we realize that the episode title doesn’t mean “start to finish” as duration (ie: “Point A to Point B”); but something starting “TO END”. This episode might not have given us the end moment; but it certainly gave us the beginning of the end by bringing up and closing multiple plot lines of the series.

Enid, the girl who ran to stay alive and honor her parents, is now faced with running towards danger to survive and honor those lost. Deanna, like Reg and Noah before her, express hope for the future and meets the usually associated end. Carol and Morgan, two people with drastically different ideas on life, loose it and come to blows. Sam’s fear reaches new heights and draws the exact scene Carol threatened him with last season. We saw Maggie surrounded by walkers on an elevated space frighteningly similar to what her husband went through several episodes ago.

How DARE YOU scare us with loosing Maggie right after we almost lost Glenn

How DARE YOU scare us with loosing Maggie right after we almost lost Glenn

This episode revisited multiple past plot points and we can’t help but wonder if even more will be revisited as the season continues in the Spring Half. This season we saw multiple times how giving people too many chances can bite people in the rear. Glenn learned with Nick and Morgan …. well hopefully he’ll figure that out soon too.

“They’re All Your People” – The Problems Caused By Quarreling Allies:

A major theme this episode was how fighting amongst yourselves could COMPLETELY screw you, your friends and everyone else over. Ron attacked Carl and thus led to the safe house getting overrun by walkers. Carol couldn’t handle one situation at a time, and thus led to the Wolf escaping – in a very self-fulfilling prophecy sort of way.

It’s very fitting that Deanna tells Rick that they’re all his people now; because this directly juxtaposes how most others are acting. Carl and Ron show the two groups fighting each other, and Morgan fighting Carol shows the group fighting with itself in a way. Although despite these drawbacks we did get to see some people step up as Gabriel is ready to prove himself and Rick accepts him – something that earlier this season – or even an episode or so ago – would have never happened. When the situation is dire, we’re all in this together; and sadly that was an idea a few characters lacked this episode.


Quick Bites – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Starting with the image of Ants coming into Sam’s room and swarming his cookie was an excellent metaphor/foreshadowing for what was about to happen. Also, THAT’S HOW YOU GET ANTS!!!!!!!! #Archer
  • Additionally, Sam’s fear has been building the past few episodes; but this episode it was reaching its breaking point as he started to discociate reality and sounds much like Nick did before his final moments
  • Deanna did save Rick; but STILL can’t understand to aim for the heads. Thankfully she does finally get it at the end when she chooses to fight rather than off herself. Her final moments were truly the most peaceful and badass of any character before – like Bob and Meryl’s combined.
  • Deanna might have passed leadership of the group to Rick; but Michonne was the true person she placed the hope of Alexandria’s future upon. Hopefully she won’t meet the same fate as Noah, Reg and now Deanna who tried to grow Alexandria in the past.
  • The talk about them having yet to “pay the price” for Alexandria was a wonderful foreshadowing to what the Saviors try to offer people ‘safety at an ever growing price’
  • The voice on the walkie-talkie from the end of the Darryl, Abraham, Sasha episode was in fact Eugene, which also helps place this episode chronologically.
  • That awkward moment when Carol trying to “kill someone to stop another from dying” causes someone to be taken.
  • As I called last episode, it looks like next episode will follow the comics pretty closely substituting Sam for Ron… and Ron will probably take the gun Jessie put in her pocket and … follow Douglass Monroe’s path.
  • In the post episode set up, we see Darryl’s crew runs into more trouble with the Savior’s. How will they get out? Will they barter protection to save their friends OR will they use one of those RPGs to blow them all up? I’m hoping for #2 personally.

The Walking Dead returns February 14th , which will probably cause QUITE a few break ups … or marriage proposals. Rather watch the Midseason Premier than take out your significant other…. Whoops. Watch the Midseason Premier as part of your date … he/she’s a keeper! lol

So see you all next Season and enjoy your holidays! And in the meantime, check out some of the conclusions of other epic shows this season. Arrow and The Flash are raising the bar and their epic crossover event is this week. So let the celebrations and Closer Looks continue here!

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