A Closer Look: The Flash/Arrow Crossover – “Legends Of Today (Part 1)”


The Flash Arrow Legends Of Today Part 1 AnalysisThere are many traditions for the Holiday Season; but one of the latest might just be one of the best. That’s right, I’m talking about the annual Crossover between The Flash and Arrow. Last year the two helped each other even out and this year brought us something unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in both style and substance. So let’s take a Closer Look at The Flash/Arrow 2015 Crossover “Legends Of Today”

“Legends Of Today” – Heroes Unite Bigger & Better:

With “Legends Of Today” setting up for “Legends Of Tomorrow” – duh – it’s easy to see how this episode got it’s title. Between introducing Hawkgirl and Hawkman to proposing the idea of Heroes & Villains needing to join forces to defeat Vandall Savage, this episode set up the prequel story we need and deserve. Although that’s not all it did.

Unlike last year’s crossover episode, “Legends Of Today” is TRULY a crossover event between The Flash and Arrow. Last season was one group of heroes helping out another in their own ways. “Legends Of Today” on the other hand made this episode just as much about The Flash as it was Arrow. There were critical moments for The Flash series – Velocity 7 and Patty learning about Harrison Wells – as well as Arrow – Damian Darhk stealing a chemical bomb and Oliver learning he has a son. Additionally, the fact that Oliver learned he had a kid was in and of itself a continuation of last year’s crossover event.

In so many ways, “Legends Of Today” furthered the stories of both The Flash and Arrow in pivotal ways, while also setting up the next spin off Legends of Tomorrow, which we now know will release January 21st. Hmm, Monday -> Thursday will soon be Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow … GO DC!!!!! Now we just need Supergirl and The Flash to crossover; but that will probably be more of a Season 2/ Season 3 respectively kind of thing.

Watch it Barry. Oliver might shoot you in the back with Arrows again…

Watch it Barry. Oliver might shoot you in the back with Arrows again…

Reaching Your Full Potential – The Flash, Kendra & Cisco:

A major theme this episode was finding a way to unleash your full potential. Back in Central City, Harry is trying to find a way to make Barry faster since Zoom is at least 3-4 times faster than him. Meanwhile, Kendra is dealing with the idea of letting go of herself and letting her inner Hawkgirl out. Both situations will have unknown repercussions – ie: Kendra will change and we don’t know what the serum could do to Barry – but both must happen one way or another. Additionally, there is the level of exerting control over this change vs letting it happen. Harry is trying to force a speedboost and it might not work – or worse do something horrible. Kendra on the other hand failed to transform when HAwkman pushed her – sound familiar? Will the same be true for Barry? Will he need to find a different means of becoming faster?

Beyond this though, we also have to look at the other changes these might cause. Cisco and Kendra were getting quite close and now that she’s embracing her Hawkgirl side, she’ll be drawn to Hawkman. It sucks for Cisco; but perhaps this leap of faith – literally – on Kendra’s part will inspire Cisco to embrace his Vibe side. Perhaps Cisco fully accepting his Vibe identity will be a powerful asset in the fight against Zoom.

In A Rapid Fire Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Considering Cisco didn’t yet know the root of Savage’s eternal life – killing others and absorbing their life force – calling Savage “Highlander” was a VERY well-placed reference
  • “Oh thanks God Barry…” Damn it Cisco! You better make up for this with epic quotes … Spoiler Alert: he will.
  • How did it take this long to come up with a Magnetic Trick Arrow? THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!!
  • Little does Feliicty and Barry know that Earth 2 Oliver Queen is dead. Second mention of that, perhaps we’ll see that for real in the future #FlashpointParadox
  • Highlander, Flock of Seagulls, Indiana Jones. SO. MANY. 80s REFERENCES!!!!!
  • 57th street …. 54th street… SAY 52ND STREET!
  • Favorite Quotes – Winner: Cisco (Again)
    • “I have more bruises from her than Deathstroke” – Oliver
    • “I think you just mad cause my conditioner game is on point!” – Cisco
    • “Great more surprises, who the hell is this!” – Cisco
    • “Okay Romeo, pump the breaks!” – Cisco
    • “Is that the only way this guy knows how to enter a room” – Barry Malcolm and league from shadows
    • “Since when did our lives suddenly become an Indiana Jones movie?” – Cisco
    • “NOOOOOOO!!!!!” Barry and Cisco in response to Hawkman telling Kendra to try jumping off the building again

Tomorrow we’ll get our exciting conclusion to “Legends Of Today” on Arrow; but where will this take us next? The Midseason Finale of The Flash is coming soon and with it big things considering this crossover didn’t waste any time in setting things up as well. Stay tuned

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