Final Fantasy VII Remake PSX Trailer – Stunning New Gameplay & Nostalgic Story Confirmed

Final Fantasy 7 Gameplay Analysis

It’s funny how sometimes something pops into your head and you think “OH, I wonder if there’s any updates on that”. That was my experience yesterday at work. So you can imagine my excitement when I turned on my computer this morning and found that at PSX 2015 Square Enix had released a gameplay trailer for their highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Considering how long fans have wanted this, there’s been some concerns over how the remake will be done. If a balancing act of capturing the essence of the original while still being able to bring the legendary game into the new era of gaming. Well if the trailer is any hint at what’s to come, put your fears aside.

So take a peak at the trailer below and then meet me after to take a Closer Look at what we just saw.

A Taste Of What’s To Come – Reimagining The Bombing Mission:

The entire trailer of course deals with the opening of the original game – probably the most recognizable aspect of Final Fantasy 7. From the dialogue being almost verbatim of the original game to many of the famous spot – elevators, Mako Reactor center, etc – this game truly feels like a dream made real.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Comparison

Though the most exciting moment had to be how moments of the trailer are cut with shots of mechanical legs quickly moving. We know it’s coming: Guard Scorpion – the first boss of Final Fantasy VII. And as the trailer ends we find Cloud and Barret in the Mako reactor staring down the fully re-mastered mechanical beast. But I don’t have to tell you this! What I should point out is the actual gameplay itself.

Gameplay Style and Real Time Battle System:

Judging from the gameplay trailer – and remember this is early footage – we find that it operates very similarly to that of the new Final Fantasy XV, which was to be expected. This is the logical evolution taken by other games in the Final Fantasy series – not just Lightning Returns but also the Final Fantasy VII prequel Crisis Core. Though what is most exciting about this is how we are indeed able to switch characters.

Through the footage we see Cloud acting as main a couple of times; but we also see perspective change to Barret on several occasions. In fact, from the screenshot below we can confirm multiple things: Barret (and other characters) are swappable. Magic, Summon, Items and Defend button prompts will all return. The Limit Breaks will as well return with their meter filling next to the characters name. In fact, judging of this trailer, it’s hard to tell if this is Barret and Cloud using Fire and Lightning Magic (respectively) or using their limit breaks Big Shot and Blade Beam. Regardless, this all shows off the perfect balance of new and classic, especially since the menu system as of the moment offers the same button prompt actions.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay analysis

All in all, I’m surprised we got a first look this early but even more surprised by how incredible it looks. There’s always this worry that something you’ve wanted for so long might never live up to expectations; but judging from this first look Square-Enix indeed knows what they’re doing. Final Fantasy VII remake looks like it’ll be the perfect modern recreation of one of our longest held childhood memories.

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