A Closer Look: Supergirl – “Truth, Justice & The American Way”

Supergirl finally returned this week and we pick up right where we left off: with Kara dealing with the surprise death and Cat Grant growing more and more upset with Kara. Although beyond dealing with returning issues, our heroes also have to deal with some new adversities – primarily, their consciences… and a crazy execution happy jailer.

So let’s take a Closer Look at Supergirl “Truth Justice and the American Way”

Supergirl Truth Justice & The American Way Closer Look


“Truth Justice & The American Way” – The Moral Struggle:

This isn’t the first we’ve heard this line in Supergirl ,and as it was in “Bizarro” this is of course a reference to a famous Superman line. Though this episode does much more than just reference a line, but actually explores what truth and justice mean for different people. In short, this was by far the most morally heavy episode of the series thus far as multiple characters struggle between giving their enemies respect or nothing at all. Sure the major focal points of this is the discussion on whether or not they should keep Maxwell Lord prisoner, but it also pairs up in multiple ways with Kara vs Master Jailer.

Sure this isn’t exactly hard to spot either, but upon closer inspection we see that Kara isn’t just going against Master Jailer’s beliefs but also his portrayals of her mother. Earlier in the season Kara might have succumbed to such talk about her mother but this time around she openly believes her mom wasn’t that black and white. Whether Alura was or wasn’t actually as Master Jailer recounts is besides the point as the overall focus is trying to be the bigger person. And even if Kara’s mom was, Kara is – or is at least choosing to be.

Though beyond the Lord and Jailer comparisons, we see others struggle with what is “right” as well. At the start of the episode we see Non who – despite wanting to rip Kara to shreds – invites her to perform the last rites for Astra. Additionally, we find Cat and James who once – and now – had to choose between giving people justice or dusting things under the rug. Sure Cat’s situation was more one sided than James’s, but the situation still remains, that both of their subjects should have faced the justice system – openly, rather than privately. Though sadly, not everyone in this episode plays things fair and out in the open – and I’m not talking about Master Jailer.

B Is For Banshee – The Office Nemesis Emerges:

Thus far, Cat Co has been a pretty friendly environment. Well between Kara being MIA one episode and breaking Cat’s son’s heart, Cat isn’t exactly too thrilled with her. So as a passive aggressive move, Cat has now hired Siobhan Smythe, and whereas it might be hard to pronounce her name, it’s not hard to see she’s a cut throat, underhanded and manipulative B…. Of course when I say B here, I actually mean Banshee.

That’s right, Assistant #1 is actually the pre-evil Silver Banshee, who will be one of the villains Flash and Supergirl take on in a few weeks. And it’s really refreshing to see that they’re doing the slow route of detailing Smythe’s transformation, because whereas she doesn’t have any powers now she is anything but nice. Perhaps in the coming weeks we’ll see a softer side of her; but between her goading Kara into an outburst to eavesdropping on James, she has shown herself to be the villain of the office. Although there were some nice – albeit subtle – allusions to her eventual fate. For example, when Kat referenced Smythe as not having “made a peep” – which to be fair she is quite quiet this episode – it’s all a set up for who she becomes. Silver Banshee is like the evil upgrade of Black Canary’s cry, so hearing her described as quiet is important because what she becomes is anything but quiet.


Up, Up & Away – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • In case you couldn’t tell, Rao is the sun God they worship on Krypton
  • Another obvious theme developing this episode is “Holding Out Hope”. Can Maxwell Lord be redeemed? Was Kara actually getting through to Astra? We might never know the answer to #2, but perhaps Lord can be redeemed. Then again, what if holding out hope for the hopeless is only something that can be done by those strong enough to face the consequences?
  • The guilt angle with Alex is a great addition to the story. Kara is as upset as Hank expected her to be, but will the same rage follow when Kara discovers the truth? We saw the sisters so close this episode, it’s hard to see a wedge coming in between them – at least for long.
  • We all know Italia Ricci plays Silver Banshee, but she is also the wife of Robbie Amell, aka the former Firestorm/Deathstorm on The Flash.
  • While the DEO was looking into the prisoner murders, they wondered if they were dealing with an alien bounty hunter and wondered if it was “him”. Despite Hank’s hero name being Martian Manhunter, this reference actually makes me wonder if Lobo will eventually appear as he is an anti-hero bounty hunter and a favorite superman character.
  • “I thought masks were only big in that other city”. Considering his dark look, I’m fairly certain this is a Gotham/Batman reference. Although the whole “wear a mask” thing is a pretty big part of the Arrow-verse. That’s not saying she’s talking about Star /Central City, but rather that Supergirl is indeed a show by the Arrow-verse team
  • Okay, is no one talking about what Alex says to Lord in Russian after his Cold War comment?

Next week Supergirl will visit the legendary Fortress of Solitude; but what brings Supergirl to such an iconic Superman landmark? Well next week will also have Supergirl facing off against Indigo, a heroine turned villain that also goes by the name of …. Braniac 8. Is this the emergence of a powerful new villain for Supergirl to deal with moving forward, a precursor for THE Brainiac appearing in the series or just a fun little ‘villain of the week’? Well considering my continued hope that Cyborg Superman is eventually introduced as Kara’s dad rebuilt, we need a Brainiac. So I’d be very okay with all this; but what about you?

Sound off in the comments below and see you all next week!

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