A Closer Look: The Flash “King Shark”

The Flash has returned from Earth-2, but what did he leave behind. Is traveling between dimensions the same as traveling through time. Can you influence a reality like the events of time, or is the only thing influence you yourself? That’s precisely what this week’s episode dealt with as well as the shocking reveal of Zoom’s true identity.

So let’s take a Closer Look at The Flash “King Shark”.

He’s Failed His City – Arrow Connections, Timeline Continuity & Importance:

The most noticeable thing about this episode was the presence of Diggle and Lyla in Central City. Although this wasn’t a mere reference to Arrow, but rather a massive point of the episode – equating how Barry’s handling things currently to how Oliver usually handles things. I’m obviously not talking about breaking limbs, but rather shouldering the burden for everything that’s happened. As far as Barry sees it, if he never went back to save his mother, the singularity wouldn’t have occurred, Ronnie would still be alive, Zoom would have never come here and Jay would still be alive.

Of course Barry is taking blame for too much. Technically if he never opened the breaches, Caitlin wouldn’t know Jay – and Zoom might have killed him any way. Additionally, the singularity was caused by Eddie shooting himself and thus causing a paradox that ruptured the already weak point of special entrance … okay that’s one both of them. Though either way, he’s very Arrow angst this episode and Diggle’s presence is to help snap him out of it as Diggle is the best person for dealing with perpetual “guilt hoggers”. So thanks to Diggle’s role here, Barry is able to eventually move forward and prepare himself for the long battle ahead.

But Diggle and Lyla’s role didn’t end there as this episode also served to further Arrow’s story AND help catch The Flash up to Arrow. Remember The last two episodes took place back to back, so The Flash is currently behind the events of Arrow. The best bet to place this episode is after “A.W.O.L” or “Unchained” as Lyla has just started going through taking over ARGUS. Additionally, Barry asks about Felicity not calling him back and Diggle comments on how she was down for a while but she’ll call soon. In A.W.O.L was when Felicity first returned and was swamped with feelings of defeat, so places this not long after that makes sense as Diggle referenced it. As for what Oliver called Diggle about, who knows. Perhaps that was a random call or maybe we’ll find out on tomorrow’s episode of Arrow.

The Flash King Shark Closer Look

Dimension Travel vs Time Travel – Do You Affect It Or Does It Affect You?

One curious theme this episode dealt with deciding what the after effects of dimension travel could be. According to Wells, it can be similar to time travel in which the revelations of ones doppelganger could impact that person’s life and send them on a path they wouldn’t otherwise choose. This was certainly Cisco’s fear with Caitlin seeming more cold after the loss of another she was starting to love. Although as the episode continues, it seems the opposite might be true as experiences and thoughts about different universes affect you more than those around you.

Again, we saw this with Cisco as he was firhgtened about what Caitlin might become, never stopping to think that the reason she’s a little cold right now is because she’s trying to keep it together and not crumble under the loss. But for Cisco, he only remembers Earth-2 Caitlin’s icy stare and disdain for the name Caitlin. Barry suffers similar problems as he’s still haunted by the losses and can’t shake the feeling that he did loose Joe, despite him sitting right across from him. Though to be fair, we knew all this already before the episode aired. Remember Wells, who originally would do anything for his daughter and yet found himself becoming attached to the world of Earth-1. So overall, unlike Time-Travel, dimension travel has more effects on the traveler rather on those around him.

Zoom’s Identity Reveal – The Easy Or Confusing Way Out?

So after month’s of theorizing who Zoom might be, we finally got our answer – and it wasn’t really who anyone though. Now sure some people said “Zoom is Jay” and “It’s all a speed mirage” etc; but that’s not really true. Whether or not the man in the iron man is the REAL Jay or not, there are still 3 versions of him (Zoom, Dead Jay, Earth 1 Hunter Zolomon). Though out of respect for the Jay Garrick legacy, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a heroic Golden Age Jay Garrick, which gives us 4 Jays and makes Man in the iron mask the REAL Jay. Even if Jay and Hunter Zolomon are twins as we hypothesized last week, this still gives us 3 Jay’s from Earth-2 (REAL Jay, Fake Jay and Zoom Jay). SO WHAT’s GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!

Is Zoom an Earth-3 Jay? Did the REAL Jay try to duplicate himself and Zoom and fake Jay are clones? Does Jay have a twin (Hunter Zolomon) who is Zoom and Jay tried to duplicate himself to better fight him? Was Zoom a failed clone of Jay by Wells? There are so many things that need to be explained that saying “Jay is Zoom” is far too simplistic. I’m personally sad that it’s not a doppelganger of someone we knew Season 1 (Barry’s dad, Barry, hell I’d even go for evil Joe who faked his death); but the Flash writers have always had an aim and we have yet to see their larger plan. So let’s all keep watching to see how things will clear up and make sense. Remember, Season 1’s big bad wasn’t “Harrison Wells is the Reverse flash”, but rather “Eobard Thawne is disguised as Harrison Wells”. So this whole Jay situation needs that pivotal moment of “revelation”; but I can’t help but think Zoom playing the role of the dead Jay MAY come up. Again, there’s countless ways for this to go so let’s stay tuned and see what the writers have in store.

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • So Cisco worked on Diggle’s helmet, and a new one is coming soon… nice!
  • I’m not sure, but I think those shots of Barry running along the shore line were partly reused from when he ran along the shore to stop Weather Wizard in the ‘alternate future’ before running so fast he went back in time.
  • Can we just take a second to acknowledge how EPIC the effects keep on getting. We’ve already seen King Shark look real but now he even moves frighteningly real
  • Favorite Quotes: Winners (Cisco and Diggle)
    • “You have an aquarium… why?” – Diggle
    • “We’re gonna need a bigger Flash” – Cisco Jaws reference
    • “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the suburbs” – Cisco with another Jaws reference
    • “He’s fast John, get over it” – “Never!” – Lyla and Diggle
    • “Got Lyla her first win, got to watch you run on water… it was biblical” – Diggle
    • Does insurance cover Sharknado attacks” – Joe
    • “And I thought our relationship was hard to follow” – Diggle
    • “That ain’t right… you two are cold!” – Cisco about Caitlin and Barry’s trick on him

The Flash will be taking a few weeks off, and when we come back there’ll be new problems, new threats and … a new … heroine? Is that Jessie Quick I spy suiting up in the next promo? Guess we’ll find out next time on The Flash!


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