A Closer Look: The Walking Dead – “Not Tomorrow Yet”

The Walking Dead wasted no time with pitting our heroes against the Saviors. Remember the days when it would have taken 2-3 episodes to negotiate and come up with a plan *COUGH* Woodbury *COUGH*. Well not anymore as Rick and the gang are ready for blood; but not everyone seems on board. The surprising thing though is that whereas one you’d expect, the other you wouldn’t. It was an episode of reversals, set up and heart in throat action; but the day’s not over yet – which is probably what “Not Tomorrow Yet” references. The battle might be just beginning and our heroes aren’t out of the woods just yet.

So let’s take a Closer Look at The Walking Dead “Not Tomorrow Yet”

Not Making The Same Mistake Twice… Mostly – Strike First, Strike Fast:

When Rick approached Alexandria with the choice or fight or ‘talk it out’, there was an overwhelming response of ‘strike first’, which is largely due to what they just went through due to the Wolves. The Alexandrians are fresh off seeing how evil others can be and they don’t want to let their guard down again. This is especially shown through Aaron who feels responsible for the destruction and Wolves attack. He remembers how his photo – his ‘outreach’ – lured them there, and he doesn’t want cause that again. Though whereas some might see this as a kneejerk reaction, Rick’s group hasn’t exactly had it much different.

Since the days at the prison, Rick and the gang have always tried to talk first. Whether dealing with Woodbury, the governor, Joe’s gang, the Termites or the officers at the hospital. Rick and the gang have seen how ‘talking’ leads to more needless deaths. Sure there’s a chance to avoid the bloodshed, but it’ll just lead to the death of more innocents. If the fighters have to die to protect the innocent, then that’s a better way to be then having the fighters sit out and witness a death they didn’t have to. This might be why Morgan’s beleifs are so different. He might have been mad, but he hasn’t been beaten down as much as Rick and the Carol’s that wasn’t, which is ironic because of what happened a few episodes ago – which is brought up again this episode.

Yes, Morgan’s good nature let that wolf live. But it was Carol’s hard heartedness and striving to be right that caused him to escape. This is what Morgan meant when he said Carol didn’t tell because she’d be guilty as well. It was that struggle between fight and don’t fight that let the Wolf get out. So with this episode weighing so heavily on not repeating the past, it’s sad that Maggie and Carol were captured because the Carol was herself trying to stop someone from fighting. Whatever the reason might be, the reason of identity struck hard, and it wasn’t just Carol’s to deal with.


Sorting Out Identities – Separating The Next World From The Last:

As this episode opened, we saw Carol still very much in her ‘Momma Alexandria” role, which came across as strange since there’s no longer a reason for her to play the role. Maybe she liked it or maybe she preferred it over the monster she thought she was becoming. As much as I dislike Carol and Tobin, Tobin did bring up a good point that Carol is the mom of the group; but she’s not the mom in the usual sense but rather focuses more on the side of motherhood that would do anything to protect her children. Carol of course doesn’t see this right away and instead of doing her usual mother duties of fighting alongside her allies, she overcompensates and focuses more on trying to get Maggie to not fight.

Rather than help her, she tries to put Maggie into the role of ‘mother’ solely and no longer fighter. Carol thinks it’s one or the other – monster or mother. But as we see in Gabriel – and know already – that is not the case. Gabriel has perfectly balanced his priest and fighter side, and whereas some see these two as contrary, Gabriel sees it as two sides – what he has to be now, and to remind him what he was. For all intents and purposes, Gabriel has become a warrior priest, a crusader if you will. In all her revolting, Carol has surprisingly taken a similar stance as Morgan. She no longer believes in both, but rather one or the other. Will she find that balance between her roles again? Hopefully, especially since her and Maggie now find themselves in DEEP trouble.

Quick Bites – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • There’s so much romance lately (Tara and Doctor, Carol and Tobin, Rick and Michonne, etc); but also some drifting apart it seems (Abraham and Rosita).
  • It was great that they tied this attack into Tara’s original stance with the Governor because this is the first time we see our heroes taking the stance of ‘strike first’, rhetoric and belief the Governor used to sway his group.
  • Glenn as always puts things wonderfully into perspective and describes killing someone as more haunting and disturbing that the most haunting and disturbing thing you’ve ever seen or done. After all, it “has to be”.
  • Though to be fair, over the second guy’s bed who Glenn killed, we saw a bunch of polaroid bludgeoned heads. This not only confirms that these are indeed BAD people, but also ‘possibly’ foreshadows a certain upcoming fate. . . .
  • First he’s a HUGE dick to Rosita and now he isn’t paying attention in enemy territory – which leads to the alarm being sounded. Abraham was just AWFUL this episode.
  • Was it just me, or did anyone else think Jesus: The Winter Soldier when he put on the bandana over his mouth.
  • “Would you just put it in your mouth” … Phrasing Carol, phrasing lol

It seems as though there’s only 4 episodes yet; and considering how many Saviors they just killed, you’d think Rick and the gang have won – or at least have odds on their side. But now the Saviors have two people who could ‘give up’ where Rick’s gang calls home. There will be retribution… a lot of it. And I have a feeling we won’t have to wait for the Season finale to see some bloodshed. Either that, or our heroes will come out of next week with an air of peace and accomplishment only to realize too late that they only scratched the surface what the Saviors are capable of.

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