A Closer Look: Legends Of Tomorrow – “Shogun”

This week’s episode of Legends Of Tomorrow perfectly explained why you should never lose an atomic battle suit to an evil shogun… But seriously! This episode might not have offered much story-wise; but it was an incredibly satisfying and enjoyable episode. Though even if it didn’t give us a lot of plot, it did provide us with some wonderfully well orchestrated Easter Eggs and a chilling new puzzle piece to this season’s end game.

Again, there’s not much to analyze here in terms wide episode themes, but we’ll still take a Closer Look because the episode was THAT fun. So let’s check out “Shogun” and see who really stole the show – Spoiler Alert: It was almost everyone.


What Makes A Hero? – Ray, Nate & Mick:

This episode had two major focal points of contention – talking in terms of importance THIS episode, so Dr Stein & Jax’s discovery doesn’t count at the moment. I’m of course talking about Rory & Nate’s heroic back and forth as well as Vixen’s desire to kill Mick.

With Nate’s new powers materializing – powers originally meant for Ray – it was important for him to learn how to use them. And since he was the one to create the serum, it was Ray’s job to do the training – but was it the right call. While we see one learning to use his powers more and more (Nate) we see the other constantly sacrificing his (Ray). As such, it becomes quite clear that Ray is going to struggle with the idea of whether or not he is still a hero.

He was recently told that without his suit he’s nothing and now Ray is going to have to see if that is indeed true. He had a chance with the serum and he used to it to save Nate’s life. Now in order to defeat the shogun, he must train Nate how to destroy the suit. Though even if Ray is now without the suit, I’d say he’s been more of a hero this season than ever – and all times he was without the suit. When facing Nazi’s last episode, he fought hard and led an escape without a suit. This episode while chained up, he again led an epic escape. Ray has evolved from the ineffectual “nice guy” to the man with a heart of gold and fists of conviction. With Ray finding his stride, I hope he does stay around because he’s proved that it is indeed the man who makes the hero and not the machine.

Now on the other side of this equation we have Nate who his entire life had to fear living. As he explained, his blood used to not clot properly meaning even shaving could be risky. Though now he has powers and can actually live and fight without being afraid. He still needs some polishing, but he has the makings of a hero – and he’s not the only one. By episode’s end, Vixen remarked that Mick’s tough guy front might just be to hide the fact that he isn’t such a criminal and actually likes this hero work. We’ve seen this spark of light in Mick for a while now – just as we saw with Snart – and I certainly think Mick has what it takes to keep that hero mantle. And if not, he still holds the spot of Best Reactions/ Best Delivery Of Lines.


Then again, some heroes don’t need any armor ❤ Sara Lance

Legends Of The Episode – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Favorite Quotes: Winner – Mick
    • Where are all the knives…. OHHHH, there’s one. Look, if this is about me taking all the mayonnaise, you might be slightly over reacting” – Mick Rory
    • “Look, if I let you out of here, do you promise not to hurt Mick unless he really deserves it” – Sarah
    • “How is it that you people haven’t managed to kill yourselves yet?” – Vixen
    • “Day’s still young” – Mick in response to Vixen’s above question
    • “Tell that to Chuck Norris” – Mick
    • “Alright if you two don’t quit your squabbling I’m going to maroon you in a time period of my choosing…. Together” – Sarah
    • “League of Assassins, Class of ‘09” – Sarah
    • “I designed it so an idiot can use it”/ “An idiot does…” – Ray/ Mick on the Atom suit
    • Konnichi wa scumbag” – Mick
    • “I don’t want to shoot you guys, I love ninjas” – Mick
    • “Why are you two goofy bustards so happy? You lost your damn suit, the food sucks and I’ve got no proof ninjas exist” – Mick
  • Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the Special Effects team and Stunt Coordinators who REALLY upped their game this week with Citizen Steel and the Sarah Lance fight scenes.
  • It’s not a samurai show until there’s the high speed dual slash showdown – and we all knew Sara would win that one.
  • As of the moment we have no clue what Barry could be warning the team of, but if 40 year in the future Barry is involved this could be due to his fight with Reverse Flash…. And the puzzle pieces start connecting.
  • This episode also had a strong theme of having loyalty and wanting to protect your teammates. Vixen attacked the team for Rex and Mick is going out to save Ray because he’d do the same for him.
  • If you missed the importance of “Yamashiro” being the family’s last name, here it is. They’re the ancestors of Tatsu on Arrow (aka Katana). This history lesson not only showed the origin of Katana’s sacred blade but also how she was so adept at healing medicine.
  • “Do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda

Next week the Legends will head back to the American Civil War to fight…. Zombies? Looks like the Walking Dead comes to Legends Of Tomorrow next week! So stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “A Closer Look: Legends Of Tomorrow – “Shogun”

    • hahaha It’s Legends of Tomorrow and it’s the final installment of the Arrowverse. It’s up and down sometimes but this season has been great and the lady’s kick so much butt! Season 1 was basically just Sara Lance owning the show but this season Vixen has added a great addition. In fact everyone has found their groove. Season 1 was just awkward sometimes. Stopped analyzing it like 3-4 episodes in, but this season IM BACK!!!!!! And think i’m here to stay lol

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