A Closer Look: Supergirl – “Changing”

This week’s episode of Supergirl brought one of Superman’s most terrifying villains to life – Parasite. Though this episode accomplishes much more than just the nod to canon as there are also striking “changes” in the form of James’s new role as “Guardian”, J’Onns potential biology and Alex finally coming out to Kara and herself.

With so many things “Changing”, now more than ever we need a Closer Look, so let’s check out Supergirl “Changing”.


Everything’s “Changing” – Parasite, Identity, & That Which We Hide Within Us:

Again, this week’s episode was all about changes and that kicks off with the introduction of Parasite – an alien life form which binds to a host and then drains the life from everything around it. Through Doctor Jones, we saw how something inside him was making him change both physically and mentally. Though whereas Doctor Jones took a very literal approach to this, the real changes were seen through that of Alex and James.

The big item this week was Alex coming out as lesbian, though that wasn’t the end of the ‘change’ angle. Alex recounted to Kara how she’s suppressed sides of herself through the years that only now start to make sense. She might not have an alien creature inside her, but like Doctor Jones, Alex’s change comes from within. Similarly, we see James on a parallel path as Alex in terms of becoming a hero. Ever since he learned Clark Kent was Superman, something stirred inside him and he can’t hide it any longer. He’s now embraced his inner hero and become the super cool vigilante known as “Guardian”.

There’s plenty of other changes we can talk about in this episode, such as Mon-El starting to try to be a hero and the potential side effects of J’Onn blood transfusion, but it is Alex and James who best embody the good of their change. Whereas Doctor Jones’s change was caused by something inside him, it wasn’t naturally a part of him. And thus, he became a monster. Alex and James change because of something that’s always been a part of them, which they now are letting free. That is why these two earn the title of episode MVPs.

M’Gann’s Blood Transfusion To J’Onn – Physical & Psychological Side Effects:

After getting attacked by the monstrous Parasite, J’Onn had the life drained out of him and needed a blood transfusion; but form who? Well the only other Martian alive is M’Gann; but there’s a problem with that that the characters don’t know, but we do: She’s not a Green Martian. As we saw a few weeks ago, M’Gann is actually a White Martian, the race of aliens that exterminated the Green Martian race. So by receiving a blood transfusion from M’Gann, there is a beautiful juxtaposition about it; but at the same time it’s also horrifying – and potentially destructive.

On the bright side, A White Martian has finally given life to a Green Martian, rather than take it away. On the other hand, there’s quite a few drawbacks. For starters, when J’Onn learns of M’Gann’s true heritage, he’ll be mortified. He now has in his veins the blood of those who killed his entire race – and that’s a pretty big revelation to swallow. Though what’s more concerning is if there are any biological side effects to the transfusion. We don’t know how closely White and Green Martians are. Is their basic chemical structure similar like different races of man, or are they different species all together.

At the end of the episode, we see J’Onn’s hand trembling. Is this to show how fragile a state he’s in, or is his body already showing some side effects of the transfusion. Remember how in this episode we heard that Doctor Jones’s mutation took place because he had ‘too many different types of alien DNA in him’. Could this foreshadow J’Onn going a little rogue as well? Next week’s episode shows Kara fighting J’Onn, who seems to be experiencing some very White Martian “kill” thoughts. Is this actually the case OR is this the actual Hank Henshaw rebuilt as a cyborg by Cadmus? We’ll have to wait and see; but all we know for now is: there will be some fallout from this act of kindness.


Up, Up & Away – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Favorite Quotes:
    • “I’m not flying that’s for sure” – Drunk Kara
    • “Of course he did…. Of course he does” – Winn
    • “I’ll go get the alien, you get the girl” – Kara to Alex
    • “I need to punch somebody” – Kara
    • “I regret this already” – M’Onn El
  • “What the hell survives 5000 years under ice? You mean besides a disease?” – right from there we know its Parasite
  • For anyone pointing out ‘but Kara said Kryptonians don’t get drunk’. Well that’s true for Earth alcohol. What she had was an alien drink – so alcoholic most likely that’s why it’s fatal to humans.
  • Supergirl usually deals with some big political topics, and this week was Global Warming – obviously – but also a valuable lesson to not become the monster your fighting. Doctor Jones had a worthy cause, but became a different type of evil while trying to battle this evil.
  • Winn telling James that becoming a vigilante comes at a cost and he’ll become “someone else” was such a great nod to this show now being/becoming a part of the Arrow-verse.
  • So Guardian is such a cool costume and the lead plating to stop X-Ray vision was such a good call. Not to mention the pure reflective shield! Who would have thought little Jimmy Olsen would become such a badass superhero.
  • Looks like Winn has dubbed he and James the “Super Friends”, which is a nice nod to the alternate name for the superhero team up known as the Justice League.
  • It was so painful to see Alex get rejected after all she just went through, but we have to see what comes next. Will this cause Alex to regress and go back to hiding, will her and Maggie actually get together, OR was Maggie simply the gateway to something better. Alex has always been a strong woman and I’m certain this won’t stop her and her best is still yet to come!

Next week, Kara will have to take the fight to CADMUS to get back Mon-El, who’s identity is now known thanks to his involvement in the Parasite fight. Though that won’t be the only hassle as it seems Guardian is being blamed for another vigilante’s actions and Supergirl fights…. J’Onn? Again, did that White Martian blood drive him mad with killing outsiders like the race itself, or is this actually the real Hank Henshaw brought back as Cyborg Superman. It might not be my Jeremiah Cyborg Superman theory, but I’m still excited to find out.

So see you all next time for another Closer Look at what happens in “The Darkest Place”.

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