The Far Reaches Of Marvel Movie Hype – Speculation, Marketing & Partnerships

Now that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out, the most-anticipated movie now is easily Captain America: Civil War, but Marvel has influence on more than just the film industry. From speculation to marketing potential, Marvel’s on everyone’s mind!


Black Panther Costume & Possible Fight Scenes Revealed

Thanks to new set photos have emerged from the set of Captain America: Civil War and not only reveal a first look at Black Panther, but also a possible fight/chase scene. So everything that follows is the sweet borderline between theory and potential minor spoiler, so proceed at your own discretion according to the…

Deadpool – The Teaser Trailer To The Teaser Trailer

In a world where movie trailers get trailers, one man dares to become his own teaser trailer … for his teaser trailer. That man is Five Time Academy Award Viewer Ryan Reynold … I mean Deadpool. Oh hell, they’re basically the same person! That’s right, despite the Deadpool Trailers – normal and uncensored Redband –…