Assassins Creed: Rogue – Finding Your Ultimate Hunter/Templar Pack Items

AC Rogue Pre OrderIf you Pre-ordered Assassins Creed: Rogue, you probably received the Ultimate Hunter Pack with the Siege of Fort De Sable Mission. In fact, even if you didn’t preorder, the version you picked up was most likely the Limited Edition that came complete with the bonus content. So what’s to stand in the way of you and your unlockable content cutting down some Assassins? Just one, the items don’t show up!

Fear not, your items are safe. After talking with Ubisoft and road testing myself, this Panda is on the case. So here’s everything you need to know about claiming your preorder bonuses.

Ultimate Hunter Pack/Templar Pack

Unlike some previous unlockable content, these items and side missions don’t come independent of each other; but are actually one in the same. So your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to raid the fort of these items; and here’s how you do it.

  • Step 1: Contrary to some reports of completing Sequence 2, you must ACTUALLY have completed Sequence 3 Memory 4.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve passed Sequence 3 Memory 4, head to the North Atlantic. At the bottom right of the Map (South East) you’ll find a small icon for Fort De Sable (approx. 1500m West of Pearl Island)
  • Step 3: Once you get to the Icon this will initial a fast travel to relocate you to the Fort De Sable area – similar to when you travel via ship between North Atlantic and River Valley
  • Step 4: Explore the Island Fort and “Loot The Chests To Unlock” the 3 Templar Pack rewards.

It’s important to note that this might seem like a small restricted area island; but it is actually the back entrance into a massive enemy base – complete with an Assassin leader. There’s tons of guards and depending on how many enemy base raids you’ve done, this might be your first foray into a true Assassin combatant – complete with guns, fleeing, smoke bombs and more.

Fort De Sable MissionIn addition to the 3 Mission Chests, there’s also a Viewpoint to Sync and 3 normal Treasure Chests. So have fun exploring because once this mission is completed, you’ll have gained access to the Templar Stealth outfit, swords, wheel, and sails. Go with stealth, or attack with guns blazing. Totally up to you; but either way this is how you get your rewards from the Ultimate Hunter Pack – aka The Templar Pack.

Other Bonus Questions:

Now I’m sure some of you might be asking about the other preorder bonuses such as the Commander and Officer Packs. These will most likely become available as DLC; but if they were received as pre-order bonus I assume it’s a standard issues of these appearing in your inventory. No one’s asking questions about them so it’s safe there’s no problems with these. (Edit: Just received my first question on these, but I assume these would function like Fort De Sable and become available after the raid)

As for Sir James Gun’s Armor, that preorder bonus for the Collector’s Edition apparently revolves around searching the map for Templar crosses, which can later be used to unlock the armor. I’m sure this will be released as future DLC as well, so no need to fear if you couldn’t find a Collectors Edition.

assassinscreedrogueCE-20140806-image01Hope this answered a lot of your questions. If the items don’t appear in the fort for whatever reason, try reentering your Redeem Code – perhaps your system never downloaded it. As for any Uplay reward questions, Ubisoft is currently looking into that problem and it’ll be up and running in no time. If you have any other questions about the game’s tech side, here’s a link to Ubisoft’s Support Page to report/inquire about any and all possible glitches you might experience.

As for me, I’m loving the game thus far and have already begun my Tips & Tricks Guide for Assassins Creed Rogue. So again, let me know what you want help on. Armor perks? Legendary Battles? Conquering The Map? Sound off in the comments below!

*Special Thanks to Ubisoft for their very fast and in depth reply to all my questions.

47 thoughts on “Assassins Creed: Rogue – Finding Your Ultimate Hunter/Templar Pack Items

  1. I never even got a code I pre ordered my ac rogue on psn in the USA I got a theme for pre ordering it but no code what should I do?

    • Oh no! Was a code promised? Maybe it was emailed to you. If there was no code in preorder then i don’t think there’s really anything that can be done; but if a code WAS promised, then i say use that link i shared for Ubisoft Customer Service. Otherwise, i’m sure they’ll be released as DLC eventually.

      • Fort De Sable doesn’t really appear on the map unless you’re REALLY zoomed in. and I think not until you’ve discovered it. In the article I show where to head. Just sail that way and when you’re close it SHOULD appear. If you do that and still can’t find it, then that’s a problem lol

      • Well most sold versions incorporated the hunter pack files. Not sure what the current status of this all is though. It’s been almost a year and some might have expired. Then again, there could easily be a collectors/new version that incorporates all the files now – as most games usually do when out for a while. Sorry could help more :/

      • Panda I don’t know if you still check these but I came back to the website today and read what to do because I didn’t see the outfits but then again thank you very much for this website it has helped me a ton

      • Aww, thanks Martin! And I do still check, no matter how old the article. Certain questions might be hard to answer as I’m no longer operating on a PS3 – and it’s been a while – but I’m always around 🙂

      • Actually I do have another question for the content I only got the Templar stuff which s cool and all but i wanted the other stuff is there a way you can help?

      • Not that I know of. Was there a promise of a promo code Tyler? If it was perhaps it was emailed. Either way, this def seems like a matter to bring up with Ubisoft technical services. The link is in the article. Though if you find a fix, please keep me posted Tyler and I will update the article accordingly.

  2. I have past sequence 3 memory 4 but when i go to pearl island i only found a legendary ship battle then i go to the other side (I traveled both west side and east) it said area not availible…please help

    • Hmmm, that’s really strange. Try reentering your code and downloading it again. Maybe it never took the first time. Also, Pearl Island is the South East corner of the map, so head to the West of it. If it was downloaded properly, then when you get to that map and zoom in it should be there

      • I got the hunter pack not by pre order but i bought the limited edition one it downloaded without any problems… So do i need to complete sequence 3 memory 4 100% or should i try to progress further to the story? Because some people say that i need to progress further… What if i progress further will the de sable fort gone?

    • Any attempt to claim/rectify this mission segment would work whether the games finished or not. So it doesn’t matter. Though PERSONALLY, it’s not 100% necessary and is just a nice bonus for early gaming/customization. It doesn’t effect any trophy claims, etc. Which is why right now I’m more stressed about the Ninja Trophy/Outpost glitch. :/ – which I’m currently trying to rectify

      • It matters to me cause I rarely got games that had its own dlc in it and dlc is usually cool stuff that I like.. And is the pearl island area is controlled by a fort rigt? Its uh.. Fort louis? Should i capture the fort to discover the DS location?

      • Totally understandable. And Indeed! It’s Fort Louis. I’d recommend capturing it, it makes it easier in the long run. Also note that its only visible from the North Atlantic Map; but travel 500m West of Pearl island and you should find it nearby. The ICON Pearl Island, not where fast travel sometimes lets you off.

        IN FACT! Capture the fort because then that’ll reveal an animus fragment on the lower portion of the map (which is West of the De sable travel point). So with all of that, you’ll spot De Sable between these two markers. If it still doesn’t appear, try to make sure its downloaded properly as i stated earlier.

        If all this STILL doesn’t work then def bring up a ‘question’ with that Ubisoft link i left in the article. Explain that you went through all these steps and it still doesn’t happen. Maybe they’d know of a way to reset things or even give you another code to try to download? *shrug* But try what I said earlier and see if that helps.

        Also, thanks for keeping me posted with this – and continue to do so please. I want to make sure you get your DLC and maybe all of this can hope someone else as well in the end 😀

  3. I love your website I was playing today and going through and getting all the treasure maps for the Templars and I went to one in a location that is on the map, the coordinates are correct and the correct location but the dig site wasn’t there is that a glitch in the system? Will I be able to get a hundred percent completion? Since the dig site wasn’t there? I also tried to fast track to another location and then go back still it wasn’t there. Please let me know if you have any insight in this matter I’m trying to get a hundred percent completion.

    True Assassin’s Creed fan

    • Never mind that previous question I didn’t have the Templar map told locator on 1 select that I was able to find the treasure but I do appreciate your help anyways

      • Haha glad you could find it. I’m actually working on some more articles right now. So i’d def appreciate your input on things you think people would like. Right now I’m trying to find out if Outposts NOT refilling is a glitch or an actual new manner of the game. How have you found this – as well as the Ninja trophy

    • Which DLC? Do you mean the Templar Swords? I remember mine looking kind of meh and clunky – like they did on the DLC. I can double check for you if you wish; but I do think they are the same. Though still nothing special

  4. I have a problem a templar map led me to an unavailable area this area this was barely texture and it was the right coordinates

  5. I have redeemed the Templar pack code, found the fort and looted the 3 chests. I also looted the 3 extra chests but it wasn’t exactly a battle. I sailed to it and docked on the rear. I never saw a fort leader. I also never got the pack items. Should I have sailed to the front of the fort??

    • I didn’t think you could sail to the rear. Well, the fort. EHHH, let me explain.

      When I got there, I docked in the woods side and then slowly worked my way over the mountain towards the encampment. That where I found the dock, leader, etc. If you raided the chests, then they should have been added to your inventory. If you did something wrong the chests wouldn’t have appeared at all. Hmmm, you sure there’s no templar sword, etc in your inventory? Thats strange.

  6. I entered my redeem code for the pack but my system said couldn’t download and I tried reentering the code but now it says that it’s already been used?

    • Hmm, strange. Judging by the wording, I’m going to assume that when you originally entered it the code was ACCEPTED; but not downloaded. That explains why you can’t re-enter the code. This would mean that the package has been acknowledge but is just awaiting download. Check your download folder or go to the store, it might still be there, just waiting to download.

      • Well when I check my active downloads, it is completely empty and when I check the store, all it has is the Templar Legacy pack and the Time savers

      • Strange. Stupid question, but check the map to see if any of the items and locations do show up and it was already downloaded – and thus thats why i couldn’t read as downloaded since it already was.

        If none of those methods worked then I’ll say try to enter the code once more, and if still nothing reach out to Ubisoft support. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help at this stage :/

  7. Random question, what is the difference between acquired and equipped? I have the common pistols equipped but the admirals lion pistols acquired, and would like to equip those but it won’t let me. How do I go about this?

    • Hey Ashley. I actually had this question a while ago too. You see, acquired means that you have them; but not currently equipped. Equipped means that is the weapon you are currently using in battle. In order to equip a different weapon, its safest to go to your Captain Quarters, find the weapon you like and hit X (or whatever selection button your using for that system) and equip it.

      Equipping and Crafting sometimes has some random moments of ‘unable to’, which is why i find working from Captains Quarters the easiest. Hope this answers your question 😀

    • Hmmm, I’m not actually sure. I think DLC is specific to your Uplay account, PS ID, etc. If that is the case, then the former owner probably already redeemed their DLC. Then again, if the DLC gets downloaded to the disc itself, you should have the DLC there. Sadly, I think its more option #1. I would ask Ubisoft tech support to be certain.

      • Nevermind,
        I got it.
        Thank you for replying Panda!
        P.S. I love the game but Ubisoft could’ve made it better by adding a TWD dlc where you could play as Daryl Dixon. I’d so buy that…

    • The objectives will come up as you enter the area; and I believe the objectives are just to raid the different chests in one go. They should be marked on the map too. I can’t remember off the top of my head but instructions are there once you enter. Considering you have to make it through most of the fort to get to them, I do recommend stealth and taking out some targets though. The fort is pretty heavily guarded

  8. Why does the ultimate hunter pack sword appear different in the game than it shows on the picture its suppose to be a black hilt with a red cross instead you get a gold hilt :S

    • Ubisoft devs are trolls. I got the same gold sword, but if you buy the Armor Of Sir James Gunn DLC it comes with the black hilt Red Cross sword.
      Also there is another sword you can purchase without DLC that looks the same, but the name escapes me.

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