A Closer Look: The Flash – “Monster”

This season we’ve been thrown several building questions: What will happen with Caitlin? When will Alchemy come for Wally? And who is Julian Dorn? Well this episode began to answer two of those as Team Flash faced off against a real monster – though it might not be the monster you think.

Who was the true monster this episode? Let’s take a Closer Look at The Flash “Monster” to find out!


Making A Real Monster – Fear & Bullys:

It’s pretty straightforward why this episode was titled “monster”. With a massive building sized beast roaming the city and Caitlin growing more and more fearful of what she’s becoming, the question is raised “who’s the real monster”. Though as the episode concludes, it changes into a question of what MAKES monsters. The giant monster was just an illusion and was simply the actions of a kid tormented by bullies. Caitlin almost killed Nigel the research assistant, but only after he tried to lock her up and own her.

The root of both of these scenarios goes to those who is harming and hurting others; but that doesn’t absolve the immediate parties from blame either. Everyone deals with fears and provocation, but it’s how you react to them that measures your strength of character. It’s up to you to decide whether they turn you into a monster or you own your powers and responsibility. Though where will our favorite doctor land?

The Emergence Of Killer Frost – Will Caitlin Remain Good?

We’ve seen Caitlin Snow deal with plenty of things over the course of this series, and I’m still not ready to believe she’ll turn full cold and evil. We’ve already had a Killer Frost in this series and having two Earth counterparts end up the same seems a little lazy. Though this episode did give us support for both a good and bad outcome to Caitlin’s change.

  • Caitlin Stays Good – (And Maybe Becomes Ice)

My ongoing Theory is that Earth-1 Caitlin becomes the DC heroine Ice and this episode gave us some relief in believing that as we see Caitlin and her mother do begin to reconcile. On Earth-2 it was her mother who caused her cold nature, but here we see her mom come through in the end and remind her daughter that she didn’t raise a killer. This is a drastic change from Earth-2 to Earth-1.

Additionally, when she’s reunited with the team there is a tender moment between her and Cisco where he expresses how he’s happy she’s back and how you have to do anything for family. Caitlin then expresses how this place is her home and thus her family. I believe that she will learn to control her powers and outbursts for the sake of her family (Team Flash). Plus the line “You’re lucky were big on redemption and doing good here” also hints that Caitlin can be redeemed and become good again once if she goes full Frost.


  • Caitlin Turns Cold & Dark

Whereas I’d HATE for this to be the way things turn out, this episode did give some evidence for that turn of events as well as some potentially consoling words for this path. Besides some old wounds opening up – ie: mention of her loosing Ronnie – when Caitlin manifested her powers this episode, we almost saw a different personality take over. Do her powers come with an attitude as well or is the mental stress she’s under causing all her old issues to resurface as a dissociative personality (like we saw with Magenta).

Even if it does take this path though, Barry did give us some consoling words about how things change and they suck, but you have to see it as a chance for new opportunities. I’ll be upset to loose Danielle Panabaker’s Caitlin Snow; but I’ll still gladly watch her nail it as Killer Frost. That being said though, if Caitlin does go full Killer Frost, can her and Barry call a truce and have another karaoke night? WE NEED ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE!

In A Flash – Easter Eggs, Quotes & Other Notables:

  • Favorite Quotes: Winner – Cisco
    • “Barry, sometimes a man just wants to butter his own bread” – Cisco
    • “Please, call me HR” – Cisco imitating the new Harrison Wells
    • “We don’t have a magic monster lasso” – Cisco
  • We actually got our comic explanation for Killer Frosts powers in how she doesn’t generate cold but rather absorbs energy. This is why her and Firestorm were always a match since one constantly siphons energy and the other constantly generates it.
  • After hearing Julian’s backstory and current feelings on Metas, its doubtful he’s Alchemy. Then again, mentioning his family had some “traditions” struck an odd tone. Could alchemy be one of those traditions and he is Alchemy? Who knows, but at this point I think it’s more likely he’s going to become something rather than ‘already is something’. I still vote Booster Gold, Rip Hunter’s dad/ ancestor.
  • It turns out HR isn’t a scientist but a writer… and a glory hog. It’ll be interesting to see him be the idea man this season, but hopefully this also means that Earth-2 Harry and Jessie will return soon too.
  • It turns out Caitlin and her Mom’s break happened after her father died. It’s unknown if there’s more to this story or not, but I’m sure we’ll find out. Either way, the casting of Susan Walters as Caitlin’s mom was perfect as they actually look like they could be mother and daughter.

Well this week started to explore Caitlin’s fate and Julian’s identity. That leaves one more major mystery to start exploring: When is Alchemy coming for Wally. And it looks like the answer is “next episode”.

That’s right! Next week, Wally’s Flashpoint powers start to manifest and Alchemy is back in action. So stay tuned to The CW for next week’s episode and here for more Closer Looks.

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