Jurassic World’s Super Bowl Trailer Reveals ‘Evil’ Dino?

Update: The Actual Film has been released, so for a Spoiler Free Review of the film, click here and for the Easter Eggs and Analyses, Click Here!

Among the bevy of commercials during last night’s Super Bowl, there was also a new trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World – the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series. So what did we learn/see from it? Well not much considering it was about 70% the same as the initial trailer we saw a couple of months back in November. In fact, it’s more apt to call this merely an extended version of the first.

Though that being said, there were still some interesting things to note in this trailer that actually contradict earlier ‘Official Word’ on the film. So let’s jump right in to analyzing this new trailer.

Extended Look, Same Questions:

Jurassic Park finally up and running, Chris Pratt taming a family of raptors, and scientists creating a new dinosaur so that park doesn’t get boring. Yes, we knew all this already from the first trailer. Even so, it’s still not clear HOW a park full of dinosaurs could get boring when Zoo’s are still popular – and don’t have to result to gene splicing.

Chris Prat Raptor TrainingThough what this trailer did clarify was achieved by extending several scenes we saw in the first trailer. Chris Pratt being chased, working with the raptors and the attack on the Park itself have all been extended so we see more of these interactions as well as the Park’s attempts to ‘contain’ the new problems. Though in these ‘extended scenes’, a curious line comes up that contradicts what Director Colin Trevorrow said almost a year ago after the film’s plot got leaked – or at least reveals its misdirection.

The Evil Dino Lives?:

Last May, a bunch of supposed plot details of the films were leaked that spoke of Chris Pratt training a bunch of ‘good dinosaurs’ to combat this ‘new evil’ of a genetically engineered dinosaur. About a week later, Director Colin Trevorrow addressed these rumors and confirmed many of them to be true, which doesn’t make much sense since in the same interview he also expressed sadness that this would all be leaked.

Jurassic World RexI mean, why address rumors if they’re just rumors? They could have very easily been forgotten in the coming months had Trevorrow not given them any attention. Though after seeing this trailer – and one line in particular – it looks as though one of the few things Trevorrow denied is in fact actually true.

“It’s killing for sport”

When Trevorrow addressed the allegations of a bunch of ‘good dinos’ fighting an ‘evil dino’, he said “There’s no such thing as good or bad dinosaurs. There are predators and prey.” Though this doesn’t seem so according to the new trailer as Chris Pratt’s character stumbles upon a dying dinosaur and realizes that this new D-Rex isn’t hunting or anything – the way a normal predator would – but is rather “killing for sport”.

Now this doesn’t make this new dinosaur ‘evil’ per say; but it certainly isn’t acting like a mere predator. Whatever this new dinosaur’s motivations are ‘predator and prey’ have nothing to do with it.

Diabolos Rex Or Indominous Rex:

So enough about motivations and line analysis. Let’s discuss the big ‘bad’ for this film, Diabolos Rex . . . or is it Indominous Rex. Initially many reports referred to this creature as Diabolos Rex and based on its design and base extrapolation from a Carnotaurus – a horned meat-eating dinosaur – Diabolos just made sense. Though now a couple of new toy images as well as the Facebook page for the film have begun referring to this monster as ‘Indominus Rex’.

diabolus rexSo which is it: D-Rex or I-Rex? Personally I hope it’s D-Rex because I-Rex just sounds like an Apple Product gone rogue – but can still play all your music. Though even if the name is a little back and forth right now, the trailer does give us more of a look at this monster physically. After watching the initially trailer, I hypothesized that the dino had a row of nasty spines/quills down its back based on the shadow it projected in one scene. Well this trailer gave us a look at this creature from above – and the SPINES ARE CONFIRMED!

This info comes after seeing a helicopter trying to gun down the dino while running through the forest. The beast appears to be approximately 40 feet long and has horns spines and – judging from the strange texture on its back – a very thick, bony hide.

Jurassic World Rex 2So how are Chris Pratt and a group of raptors going to take down what a fully armed helicopter can’t? Well I guess we’ll just have to wait for June 12th to find out when Jurassic World arrives in theaters. Until then, stay tuned here and follow me on Facebook for more updates – as well as a Spoiler Free Review & Top 5 once the film comes out. Also, check out the other awesome commercials from last night, here!

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